I remember April.

 When I used to teach, April was full of hope—all the wonderful possibilities of summer buzzing in my head—reading and writing for pleasure, hiking and going to the beach, looking at a computer screen only when I wanted to add to my Pinterest board for “Buttery Bites.” And sleeping. I had so many fantasies of sleeping.

But then the sting of reality: another month and a half of indecipherable Works Cited pages, students scheming for an “Incomplete,” the minutes I forgot to submit for a committee meeting last month. And no more Spring Break.

 In honor of all the diligent and hard-working teachers I know, I’m offering current teachers and school staff $20 off any massage from now until May 8, 2018.* Yes, I know, it probably seems like you have absolutely no time to schedule a massage—let alone brush your hair, eat three meals a day, go to the bathroom—but wouldn’t it be so lovely to devote seventy-five minutes to your physical, mental, and emotional well being?

Give yourself an A+ for self care this month.

A rare moment of balance during my teaching days.

*This April special cannot be combined with the same location discount. But it’s a much better deal!