What to Expect

Are you new to outcall massage? Me too! Thank you to all my massage school clinic clients and new clients who have helped get my business started in the past two months. Several questions have come up along the way, so I’m devoting this month’s post to what to expect when you make an appointment.

Most importantly, you do not need to clean your house for me. Or shave your legs. Please do not add one more thing to your to-do list before you give yourself the opportunity to relax. It is an honor for me to enter your home and be part of your journey.

My massage table is approximately 2.5 X 6 feet, and I will need enough space to maneuver around the table. If you have a small space, it often works best if I can fit the table diagonally. I generally need 5-10 minutes to set up the space.


We can make a small space work. Cute and cozy!


I will bring a small speaker and relaxing ambient and instrumental Hawaiian music. If you have your own music you would like to play, please feel free.

I prefer to use natural oils, but I will always have lotion on hand if that is your preference. I can also use an oil or lotion that you already have.

After I set up the space and we talk a little about your body and your intentions, I will leave you to get undressed and under the top sheet on the table while I wash my hands in your bathroom. Clients undress to their comfort level, which for some people may mean underwear (bottoms). If you are interested in a sense of fluid connection in your whole body, it is best to undress completely. I practice professional draping techniques to ensure that you feel secure at all times.

I encourage clients to check in with me about pressure, comfort, and specific areas of focus, but I will usually keep pretty quiet during the massage. That said, we are in your home, not a library. The focus of this time is you. Please don’t feel that there is one right way to receive a massage. At times the moment may call for silence, and at other times conversation may be an important part of your process. If your mind is buzzing with questions or thoughts, it might be more beneficial to talk than to keep quiet. Even if we don’t talk aloud, we are communicating and working together. Massage is not a one-way street.

I find it best to work with the body from a variety of angles, so I will likely ask you to lie on your stomach, on your sides, and on your back. Please let me know if certain positions are not possible, and we can definitely make arrangements to provide the most comfortable massage for you.

When we reach the end of the massage, I will leave you to get dressed while I wash my hands. It’s best if you can immediately stretch out on your couch or in bed. One advantage of outcall massage is you don’t need to jump into a car. I encourage you to set aside at least 15 minutes after I leave to lie down and let the massage unfold. I believe this time of stillness—connecting and listening to your body—is an essential part of the massage experience.

Some clients feel blissed out after a massage and don’t want to think about writing a check or counting cash. If you are one of these clients, I am happy to take your payment before we start to give you less to think about at the end.

It usually takes 10 minutes for me to pack up. If you have plans after the massage, be sure to account for the additional 15-20 minutes I will need, as well as the additional 15 minutes for yourself to rest after I leave.

Did I miss anything? Did I mention that the focus of the massage is you? Every massage has the potential to be as unique as every client. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns before your appointment.

May is a month of travel and visiting family for me. I will be available for massage appointments again starting June 11th. If you would like to make an appointment, I will still be available via email and phone while I am away. You can also book an appointment online. In June I will post new add-on services to enhance your massage experiences, so stay tuned!