Greetings, friends! After two eventful months of visiting family and friends on the mainland and traveling to Mexico, I’m enjoying the daily pleasures of life here at home: cooking in my little kitchen, sleeping in my own bed, and getting back to work. Despite the voice in my head that wants to hurry me along, I’ve been taking my time landing. Well, trying to, anyway. 

I’m still processing many rich and wonderful experiences. I helped organize an event at my husband’s family’s historic farm in Wisconsin. My husband and I drove 2,527 miles roundtrip to Massachusetts for a wedding, camping and visiting old friends along the way. Then we spent five weeks studying Spanish and attending events at the Cervantino, an international arts festival in Guanajuato. We saw Japanese ska, physical theater from England, Chinese opera from Toronto (whose simultaneous subtitles in English and Spanish were often just as intriguing as the story), and more. We saw a fraction of the Cervantino’s offerings. 

The most amazing performance we saw was a breakdancing group composed of dancers from around the world with physical disabilities. Dis-Connect by Ill-Abilities Crew was less like a frenzied battle and more like moving body sculptures that employed the vocabulary of breakdancing. What we call physical disabilities/differences opened up pathways to astonishing movement. I found myself looking at the space where a leg might be, thinking this particular movement–this breathtakingly gorgeous movement–was possible because of this space. It was not a space where a leg “should” be; it was a space of possibility in which the glory of the body and the ingenuity and ferocity of the spirit broke open.

I left the show feeling such gratitude for the remarkable range of human bodies in the world. Each body is a gift. What does it mean to honor every part of ourselves? To honor what we may think of as a flaw, a lack, a problem to solve? Or even just a “knot” to get rid of? What does it mean to creatively adapt and make the most of whatever situation we find ourselves in? These are some of the questions I’m pondering as I return to massage.

As we move into this season of gratitude and giving, I hope you will take a moment to feel gratitude for your particular body and unique vitality. 

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