My goal as a massage therapist is to co-create a healing space with you and for you to experience a heightened awareness of your body, a deeper connection with yourself, and the unfolding of your body’s wisdom.

Massage provides an opportunity to listen attentively to your whole self and to express gratitude and love for your miraculous body.  Through my focused presence and intentional touch, I encourage relaxation, improved circulation, lengthening, hydration, and ease of movement. I am not interested in “fixing” you or imposing my idea of “normal” tissue on you; I trust in your body’s unique process, timing, and gifts. 



full sarga

Created in Hawaiʻi, Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot massage that uses the tensional force of a fabric strap attached to a massage table to apply therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. The contour of the foot deftly delivers deep and consistent pressure at a slow pace to encourage myofascial lengthening, hydration, and release. Clients describe Sarga as “slow, deep, super relaxing,” “a fluid experience from beginning to end,” and “a good balance between therapeutic and relaxing.”

Individual sessions are available at a massage studio near Ward; please contact me for availability. Current clients may make appointments for two or more consecutive sessions in their homes by contacting me or clicking here.

90 minutes / $120

120 minutes / $145




Based on your needs, your session may include a combination of fluid strokes, specific pressure points, stretching, rocking, and work with the fascia. I draw on my coursework in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, acupressure, lomilomi, sports massage, and Ayurvedic marma points to co-create the optimal experience for you. 

Current clients may make appointments in their homes by contacting me or clicking here. If you would prefer a session at a massage studio near Ward or are a new client, please contact me for availability. 

75 minutes / $90

90 minutes / $110



horizontal chair

Please contact me if you are interested in chair massage for corporate events, employee appreciation days, or parties.



I accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. The credit card processing fee is 3%. The returned check fee is $30.



cell: (808) 724-1859

email: wordhealingarts@gmail.com

Are you booking an outcall massage in your home? Do you have questions about what to expect? Read this blog post for more information, and contact me if you have any questions.

Licensed Massage Therapist in Hawaiʻi, MAT #15517